The Rising Stars Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) charitable organization that helps create athletic and educational opportunities for today's youth, regardless of culture, ethnicity, class or ability.


To empower the children, families and communities of Southern Nevada through athletics and education. 


To support affordable athletic coaching and mentoring, that will allow our youth to grow in healthy development, confidence and relationships.

In furthering our vision, we will work with the entire community to transform the lives of our youth by providing financial support to those who might not otherwise receive the benefits of recreational or competitive sports due to financial barriers.


The Rising Stars Foundation believes that all children have the right to health and well being. Increasing access to sports, athletic facilities, coaches and educational opportunities will achieve our four goals.

Give Kids a Chance to Play

Participation in sports is beneficial to children’s physical, mental, and behavioral development.

At the age of six, children begin to form complex technical skills. Early involvement in athletics not only prepares kids for success in a specific sport but increases overall coordination, strength, and balance. This physical competency can be an important part of building child confidence.

Studies also show that active kids have greater academic success, achieving higher mental awareness and better test scores. These developments of success and confidence also increase a child’s emotional regulation and affect, as well as teaching healthy coping practices when dealing with stress.

 Build Confidence
 Healthy lifestyle

Build Life Skills Through Coaching and Mentoring.

Sport creates important life lessons regarding issues of communication, determination and resilience.

A coach teaches a game but also doubles as a pivotal example and role model for children as they learn to accept victory, adversity and defeat.

While Rising Stars Foundation coaches are certified according to their respective sport, they are also trained in empowerment and strength-based motivation in order to give children the tools they need for success away from the competition. Our coaches are committed to teaching healthy behavior and decision making and to helping shape the character and attitude of our athletes.

 Conflict Resolution
 Healthy Behavior
 Professional Development

Serve the Community Through Sport Programs

Providing safe, accessible spaces for child development cultivates community wealth.

As children grow in their confidence and social skills from these supportive environments, it is the families and communities which benefit most. Rising Stars strives to create a healthy “emotional climate” so family and community can grow in their communication and shared goals together. As school success and child behavior improves through athletics, so do the rates of volunteering, finishing high school and attending college.

By investing early in the youth of our neighborhoods, Rising Stars works to strengthen family and community
relationships, bonds and social supports.

 Social Involvement
 Collaborative Investment

Serve the Community Through Educational Programs

Education increases a child's opportunities and well being, which in return enriches our communities.

Communities benefit from well educated citizens as they are better equipped for significant social and economic production. Increasing the awareness of educational opportunities will help in our goal of creating a pathway for our youth to achieve an opportunity for an academic or athletic scholarship .

Education is a key factor in helping our youth grow to their full potential and directly contributes to a wealthier, safer, and more prosperous community.

 Career Goals
 Collegiate Opportunities
 Individual Responsibility
 Wealthier Society

You Can Make A Difference

The Rising Stars Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that helps create athletic and educational opportunities for today’s youth, regardless of culture, ethnicity, class or ability.

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