We have partnered with athletic programs and coaches across Southern Nevada to increase opportunities for youth athletics. While Rising Stars Foundation coaches are certified according to their respective sport, they are also trained in empowerment and strength-based motivation in order to give children the tools they need for success away from the competition. Our coaches are committed to teaching healthy behavior and decision making and to helping shape the character and attitude of our athletes. Simply put, the programs and coaches we have partnered with care about the kids. To inquire about becoming an athlete with one of our partnered programs, please fill out the form below and one of our team members will contact you.


One of the great ironies of life is this: He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served.” – Gordon Hinckle

Volunteering is a rewarding and satisfying act that brings together our communities. The Rising Stars Foundation strives to create a healthy emotional climate so families and communities can grow in their communication and shared goals together. Volunteers play a vital role in achieving that goal.

Fundraising is an important part of every non-profits goals and without it the wheels just wouldn’t turn. We value our donors and corporate fundraising partners because they are the ones that make our positive impact on kids and communities possible. If you are interested in running a fundraiser of any type for The Rising Stars Foundation, please fill out the form below and one of our team members will contact you.

You Can Make A Difference

The Rising Stars Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that helps create athletic and educational opportunities for today’s youth, regardless of culture, ethnicity, class or ability.

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